What is 100th Monkey Magic Trick

Create your own highlight, an impression or attract other people’s attention to you. Stand out, don’t mix colors in the crowd. And you will become more interesting if you are a magician. And you will make a breakthrough thanks to the tricks with the 100th monkey magic trick.

Check out the information below to know what this magic trick is.

What is the 100th monkey magic trick?

The so-called “100th monkey effect” means that when the number of certain behaviors reaches a certain level, it exceeds the limits of time and space and spreads from the original group to other regions.

For an organization, as long as people who agree with a certain concept or behavior reach a certain level, it will naturally grow and gain more people’s approval and support.

Or maybe understand that repetitive behavior will form a kind of memory, which will be reflected without thinking. The repeated actions of 100 monkeys formed a kind of “field”, and other monkeys that had not yet learned it “resonantly linked” with the magnetic field in this area, thus learning the behaviors. this vi.

This is the “100th monkey effect”: When a certain amount of behavior reaches a certain level, it exceeds the limits of time and space and spreads from the original group to other regions.

Interesting facts about the 100th monkey effect

Like the 100th Monkey, optical illusion tags read one thing up close and another far away. Again, lighting conditions play an important factor, so it’s always a good idea to check before doing your performance, but there’s more latitude as it’s designed for close-up environments where people Everyone is sitting and standing on the same plane. That is basically the main difference between the two.

Or we often see small hands and little fingers that look like humans. Then look them in the eye and the familiarity is complete. When we look at our cousins, any member of the primate order, the lightning in the depths of their eyes is the best indication of an intelligence similar to ours and a undeniable closeness.

Even with the magic of the 100th monkey effect, we seem to be hypnotized beyond belief. Sometimes you realize it’s really confusing, but it’s true.

The proof of the 100th monkey magic is speechless

Disabling a volunteer’s ability to read!

“I want you to go on a little adventure, a trip into the past – your past – to rediscover the childlike surprise you felt at that age when you learned to speak but did not. can read…”

The performer disables the volunteers’ ability to read. When the performer held up a card with the words printed on it,. The audience could read the words easily, but the words meant nothing to the volunteers, who tried to pronounce the words like a child. children are learning to read.

 In the end, the performer returned the volunteer to his abilities and, never taking his eyes off the card, suddenly he could read the words perfectly! Not speaking can be presented as mind control or hypnosis (although it does not use hypnosis).

So we have just shared with you what the 100th monkey effect magic is. Through this article, I hope you have a deeper insight into the phenomenon of life.

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