Mat Franco: 1 million card tricks

A $1,000,000 Mat Franco gambling trick. Do you believe it? Anyway, that’s the truth. And today we will reveal to you Mat Franco’s $1,000,000 Poker Trick.

Check out our full tutorial to be able to do this trick perfectly.

Who is Mat Franco?

What makes his magic show so special is that he tries to never do the same trick twice. Mat Franco immerses the audience in his magic tricks and incorporates crowd-led improvisations. His magic shows make viewers very happy and comfortable. Even the elderly, children, or middle-aged people are very interested and satisfied with their magical performances.

And Mat Franco was lucky to win America’s Got Talent with a magic show worth $1,000,000. He was voted by many viewers as a talented and charming magician in the show.

What to Prepare for Mat Franco’s $1,000,000 Card Trick

Prepare a new deck. It is best to choose the deck that is available in the bag. Because they are still borrowed and fast.

And more specifically, prepare the best, strong and confident spirit to perfect this trick for your audience.

Guide to Playing Cards worth $1,000,000

Please arrange the cards so that they can work according to the rules. Divide them evenly into 13 red and black leaves. Next, stack them on top of each other. Take a card for the midpoint and as a sign.

Then use the hand shuffling technique. Split the deck and flute evenly so that the cards can alternate. Next, you choose 2 red and black cards to continue. Note, choose cards that do not match the rules and marked cards.

With the remaining deck in hand, we will practice with the rule of each side of 3-5-1-1-3-5 so that both sides have 13 cards. Continue to change positions of the 2 main red and black cards and follow the 3-4-2-2-2-3 rule until the number of cards in your hand is exhausted.

Finally, you rearrange the positions of the poles so that they are symmetrical and neat. Place 2 trump cards from top to bottom. The corresponding part of each trump card will help you succeed in this magic trick.

Take the evidence and spread it evenly on the table. And everyone will realize that the cards are arranged very well. They are divided into red cards and distinct black cards. Be neat enough 13 cards for a cycle.

Watch the video tutorial that we provide for the most successful implementation. So in the above article we have shared Mat Franco’s gambling tricks worth $1,000,000. Hopefully the information we provide can help you successfully perform this magic trick.

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