15 Magic Props You Can Buy From Magic Shop

Speaking about the magic, it is certain that many people immediately think of magic tools which are very important.

To make a good magic show, magic tools are definitely indispensable.

This article will cover many of the popular magic performance props used by magicians.

Stay tuned for you guys!

Topic about: Magic Props
Level of difficult: Easy, Normal
Appropriate age: Form 10 to 30 Year Olds
Price: From 1$ to 20$
Suitable for: Everyone Can Do

Magic prop: Red fan with two different directions

The audience will see lots of individual fan pieces but turn into an intact fan.

Make note that when you pull it to the right, the fan will stay the same state but you the fan will turn into pieces if you pull it to the left.

Carefully if you t pull the wrong side, this trick will be revealed.

These movements need to be done quickly so that the audience cannot recognize the difference between the two sides of the fan.

Magic prop:The long dry rope becomes soft

Rigid yellow rope is held across the two hands of the magician.

The audience will still be very focused on the rope, so the moves you do must be very careful.

Squeezing the middle part of the string so that it tightens.

Finally, you will let the string go back to its original state does this magic.

Magic prop: The zinc stalks curled in a card shape

The audience will be chosen any card from the deck at the start.

You will use a lighter to burn the zinc rod according to the picture on the paper on the table.

Be careful because zinc and lighters can burn your hands as performing.

In fact, we have pre-selected the Seven-card card and shaped the bar of zinc according to the Seven-card card

Magic prop: Giant Happy Birthday paper puzzle piece

Many small color pieces can be missed which will be aranged into one large piece in a few seconds.

First of all , you take out small pieces out to show them to your audience to know that they are not any strange.

Some magic gestures are done and next, stick those pieces behind the large paper that you originally prepared.

When performing you are not absolute expose the back of the paper unless this trick will be failed.

Magic prop: Guess large cards

At the beginning, you will deal the deck until the audience stops talking and choose any card.

You will do some moves and then prophesies the chosen suit with the card which the viewer remembers.

The truth is the Eight-Ro card has been chosen before, but no prophecy happened.

Finally, push the eight cards out form the predicting box which completely matches the card the audience chooses.

Magic prop: The smoke disappears surrounding the card

First of all, you put the oils in the engine and put on the hand is hidden behind your sleeve.

That engine will make the smoke pour out and your other hand hides the card.

The smoke would make the audience think that the card have disappeared from the smoke.

Magic prop: Stubborn scarf does not burn

One of the most important things is that you have to put a towel in the hole of the first box.

Do it twice to turn the box around and pull the towel out of the ring.

By the way, the towel is not burned when you bring them through the fire of the candle.

That’s reason why you should put the plastic box over the candle, the towel won’t run.

Magic prop: The mirror box turns into a red scarf

The essential tool to do this is a small mirror in the center of the plastic pot.

This will separate the front of the box seen by the audience and the back containing a red scarf.

When you flip the box up to magic your audience, one hand will rotate the back of the box up front.

This magic trick is quite simple and only takes one rotation to complete.

Magic prop: Cigarette pack become empty after doing magic trick

A pack of cigarettes will be hold in a black box.

The viewers can not think that cigarette packs have a structure that can be stacked in a black box.

Let’s hold your hand carefully in this pack not to reveal the black box under the package.

Just know that the construction of the black box and the pack of cigarettes have the same surface and you will easily do this.

Magic prop: Black box convert coins and dices

A black box with a compartment contains a variety of coins and dices to practice this magic trick.

Shake this box a few times in the previous and you will see the objects disappear after that.

In fact, a specially constructed box can hide objects in and pull out an empty compartment.

The basic props like dice and coins and a black drawer will be sold in a common way.

Magic prop: Black box transforms a card

Spread out the cards on the table and choose any card for your audience to see.

You then put the selected card in the black box with prepared props.

With a compartment covered in black glass, a card from the front is available.

An the end, you will hand the prepared card out to the audience, not the placed card that the audience sees.

Magic prop: Metal rings link into a string

An intact metal ring can be connected together, which seems to quite difficultly believe.

There is actually a gap between the rings and you will cover the place with your hand until you link metal rings together.

Tthe audiences don’t see the gaps of the rings because you have hidden the empty of the rings.

Magic prop: The magic box turns out a water bottle

A plastic bottle and green plastic props box will be the key to the magic trick’s success.

Firstly, you put the water bottle in the first plastic compartment of the box and pull the green peel up along the water bottle.

The audience at red will see a transparent plastic box in the second compartment.

Then, you put the green plastic container down again with the first compartment.

This has made the water bottle appear in front of the audience.

Magic prop: The deck box of cards disappeared by the giant card

The red giant card has the same color of the side of the deck.

You use the giant card to cover of the box of cards and unpack the box into the piece which is the same color with it.

The audience will think the box really disappears when you put the card on the box.

Do not turn over the card box unless you this trick ends ealier as its fail.

Magic prop: The cloth fly out the the sealed box

The prop with clear plastic front and black at the back will make us unexpect.

The back of the box is a black container to pull down the red string falling from the top of the box.

The red cloth clip should not be pulled from the back.

Absolutely you cannot let the audience check the box until the magic trick is over.

I firmly believe that you cannot ignore simple props but make such an extremely good magic show.

Quickly choose for yourself your favorite props and practice to have a beautiful magic show right away.

Every day performing more magic tricks will make your life much more interesting.

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