Top 5 cool magic tricks to impress your friends at school

School is a place where we spend 8 hours a day studying. It can be said is the second home of every student in his school days.

Therefore, for a student, school memories are really valuable. Add a bit of color to that memory with top 5 cool magic tricks to impress your friends at school.

Cool Magic Tricks Pen Thru Bill

A classic magic trick, which has existed for hundreds of years, I think. When performing, please borrow money from the audience for the best effect.

It is often said that “money is very important”, borrowing money from an audience can make them feel “confused” when they see what you do with the bill. That will surprise them more when watching the ending.

Easy magic tricks with Straws and Plastic Cup

Glass of water is a familiar item of our daily. What is more interesting than doing magic tricks with a “random” glass of water on the table.

Of course, nothing is random, you have to prepare everything and make the audience think it is random. This is a BIG SECRET in magic.

Simple magic tricks vanishing anything

Disappear and appear everything. This is a simple but equally interesting magic trick.

You can borrow objects from the audience. It could be money bill, handkerchief … and disappear it. Don’t forget to make it appear again to return objects to the audience.

Hand magic tricks my hand has electricity

Do you want to be a superhero in the eyes of your friends? This magic trick … definitely can’t help you. But at least it can make people think you have an incredible ability: generating electricity.

You simply touch the light bulb and it glows. The same light bulb, people try it like you do, and of course they can’t.

Freezing water funny magic tricks

And another magic trick about supernatural powers, this time you’ll freeze the cup of water. It sounds surprising and interesting, isn’t it?

After the performance is over, don’t forget to put that glass of water in the trash. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT pour the glass of water into other water sources, it may cause certain damage.

I believe that with these 5 magic tricks, you can surprise your friends at school.

However, please remember to practice carefully before performing. And most importantly, NEVER reveal secrets to your audience.

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