Playing with your kid: 5 easy magic tricks for kids

Today, parents are too busy to have time to educate their children, so they often “send” their children to “smart phones”.

Playing with children is essential in the process of growing up. It directly affects the formation process of people’s outlook and worldview. It can be said, played but learned, learned but played.

Adding a little “magic” to their childhood also helps them develop more about their imagination, which Albert Einstein said is more important than knowledge.

Today, I will share with you 5 magic tricks that are easy to do for kids, magic tricks that you can perform for your kids or teach them to do.

Appearing Box: Easy Magic Tricks for Kids

This is a very interesting box, and easy to do. You can make objects disappear and reappear with just snap your finger.

You can make candy or small toys to reward your child if he or she gets good grades at school.

Frog and Cow Magic: Simple and Fun Magic Tricks

This magic trick is very creative, the cow and the frog are swapping places for each other without the audience knowing.

I’m sure the kids will love this magic trick, the drawings are so cute and adorable.

Appearing Flower: Colorful magic tricks

In just a blink of an eye, you make a colorful flower appear from a magical wand. This magic trick will make the audience very surprised.

To make the trick more beautiful, you can add a little “snow paper” to it, which will bring great visual effects.

Mini Top Hat and Coins: Exciting magic tricks

Perhaps this is the “trickiest” magic tricks in these 5 magic tricks. Maybe you have to spend about 10 minutes to practice.

This magic trick is about coins. As long as you understand the principles of it, you will surprise the children because of the change of the coins.

Fastest Rubik Solve: Best magic tricks

This is the magic trick that I think has the best effect among these 5 magic tricks. This magic trick helps you solve a Rubik’s cube within … 1 second.

The interesting thing is that after performing, you can let the audience check the Rubik’s cube freely.

What do you think about spending 30 minutes a day playing with your children? These magic tricks will definitely delight them.

Perform or even teach them how to perform these tricks. The results really don’t matter, whether they can do or not

What really matters is the time you spend with your children, those moments are sure to greatly help your child’s growth.

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