16 Playing Cards That Are Very Beautiful For Magician and Collector

Most people see in the classic deck of fifty-two cards in black and white, but few people see through the colorful, mysterious cosmic decks.

Today I will introduce to you a series of very beautiful bestselling cards in the magic market.

The Universe Space Man Edition Playing Cards by Jiken & Jathan

Surely all of us have heard about UFOs once in our life.

Their mystique makes people constantly curious about the universe.

The following world props carry the magic of nature and the mysteries of the universe through poker.

That is the Universe Series deck.

The deck comes in two versions: UFO and Spaceman.

The details and styles of each version are different, subject to their own themes.

The Universe UFO Edition Playing Cards by Jiken & Jathan

The magical effect of the card’s pigmentation will amaze the viewer.

You will feel the box and let your audience marvel at this attraction.

In the Spaceman version, there is an astronaut helmet drawn with silver metal lines on the box that reminds us of the time when the first astronaut Yuri Gagarin entered space.

The main tones of the UFO version are orange and blue, reminiscent of the first UFO ever discovered.
More prominent is a contour of a UFO in green and orange metal foil.

Van Gogh (Sunflowers Edition) Playing Cards

Vincent Willem van Gogh is a Dutch painter and a pioneer of expressionism.

He was very fond of the rural scenes and was rich in compassion toward those who had difficult lives.

His works are an outstanding contributor to the art world and have had a significant influence on later generations.

The three versions of the deck we bring to you are derived from three Van Gogh works – “Self Portrait”, “Sunflower” and “Almond Flower”.

Esoteric: Static Edition Playing Cards by Eric Jones

Introducing to you a premium deck of functional playing cards never seen before.

The back design of faces is simulated to look like a rare collection in the world.

Each deck comes with two Jokers and is housed in a custom clip.

This deck of cards is printed on slimline material with class B9 loved by all magicians around the world.

There are two different versions to suit every style: the elegant Gold Edition and the chic silver Static Edition.

Bicycle Robot Playing Cards (Factory Edition)

Bike Robot Deck with a variety of robots, it opens up a world of possibilities for magical habits.

Classic in vintage material with Magic finish imprinted by United States Playing Card Company.

The Bicycle Robot Play Card is printed with ink and is made of laminated plants made of starch on paper.

In addition to the standard edition deck, an extremely limited silver gold-plated version is also available.

Winter NOC Glacier Ice (Blue) Playing Cards

One of the most sought-after recreational items of the 1600s in America was card games.

Most people of this era are on the hunt for a rare item like the deck mentioned below.

The Winter NOCs went public after a year of testing.

There will be 2 regular version colors and 1 LIMITED version.

Main pastel tones are designed with high-quality bicycle necks to make the deck more luxurious.

Ultra Green Playing Cards by Gemini

The following decks introduced offer a very different nuance from the other decks.

Green color of nature mixed with blue creates the feeling of deep green forest and vast ocean is the main color of the deck.

Ultra is a unique deck of cards designed with the back of the cards with inserts.
It is special that this edition is limited to only 2500 decks.

Mono-heXa Chroma NO SEALS Playing Cards

Mono – heXa Playing Cards: Chroma Edition combines modern card-inspired patterns with the elegance of metallic ink.

The special edition deck in the Mon series is printed once in 300 copies.

Premium Bee is a traditional design with 56 fully customizable cards including 2 Joker cards.

Mono line motifs include thin borders drawn with metallic pantone ink.

Flatline Playing Cards

Flatline Playing Cards brings rustic simplicity to the player, but it is no less edgy.

The sharp waves create intense and charismatic feeling.

With the outer layer combining two colors, black and red will be very suitable for players with a fierce and daring style in each hand.

Mono-heXa Playing Cards

Covered in a purple set and designed to keep two dimensions turned and still playable and usable for everyone.

These high-quality cards are finished in fully customizable 56-card air cushion including 2 Joker cards, dual assist cards, and promo cards printed in neon purple Pantone ink.

The collection continues with a highly intuitive design using the recognizable Mono motif.

Faces are set with purple shades yet easily distinguish between faces.

The markings on the face are designed to lie exactly in the position of the lines on the back of the card.

Bee Red MetalLuxe Playing Cards by US Playing Card

Dazzling light reflections and sheer elegance are the standout features of this deck.

Bee MetalLuxe playing cards use USPCC’s MetalLuxe foil back technology.

Surprisingly, the deck is printed with vegetable ink, which is non-toxic.

Bicycle Matador (Red) Playing Cards

Describing the bullfights through these decks is the special feature of this deck.

The famous festival-inspired design is born in Spain and the big bulls in the ring fight for life and death.

All characters are fictitious, so feel free to create your own back story.

This fully customizable deck is suitable for all uses.

X Deck (Red) Signature Edition Playing Cards by Alex Pandrea

Deck X is now Alex’s deck for all magic tricks.

It’s minimalistic but stylized enough to give it a vibe.

Includes a Gaff Arrco Face card for a vintage-printed vibe finished by The United States Playing Cards Company.

Diamon Playing Cards N° 14 Purple Star Playing Cards by Dutch Card House Company

Diamon Playing Cards is a deck of cards for Cardistry and Cardistry enthusiasts.

Vivid and playful style will accentuate the fan.

Diamon decks are full of colors from purple to blue, … for players to experience a great feeling.

Especially the No.14 has the same small foldable hemorrhoidal arrow on the edge of each card, allowing for a great fan experience and experience!

Purple Cardistry Playing Card

This is the latest version of the classic dingy deck with Western-inspired colors.

Players can feel the multidimensional space when playing this card because of its very sharp lines.

The back of the card still has a central designation point, making it easier for your fingers to locate and each workout will be more effective.

NOC Out: Green and Gold Playing Cards

This deck is about the stunning The NOC Out GREEN and Gold Edition.

A harmonious picture showing the most elegant deck of cards in history.

GREEN NOC Out’s is the ultimate achievement in minimalist yet elegant design.

Especially this deck will not be re-released in any lane, so it is extremely rare.

The above decks are unique and have their own characteristics, right?

If you do not want to miss the opportunity to enjoy the beauty and its charm, then hurry up and own them!

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