Top Choice New Magic Set With 20 Magic Props Inside

Magic Set can be considered the “useless” best seller in magic shops. At least for me that is so.

I know that most magicians at the magic store don’t use magic props in the Magic Set.

But they often recommend it to beginners, parents who want to buy gifts for their children.

Here are some aspects that explain why I call the Magic Set a “useless thing”, from my personal point of view.

Why you should not buy a Magic Set?

There are many children led by their parents to the magic store. When they left, they brought a Magic Set with a smile.

But when they returned next time, the same smile was still present, but with the complaint that their children had lost almost all magic props in the Magic Set.

And the boy doesn’t seem to have learned any magic tricks yet.

That’s the problem, the main problem is that there are too many magic tricks for a novice. And when you want to learn everything, you won’t learn anything.

Magic Set is a waste of time and money of beginner magicians. That is not to mention many factors that I am not convenient to mention in this article.

When Should You Buy a Magic Set?

When you want to give a gift to a child or someone who loves magic. Believe me, even though I said the Magic Set is a “useless thing”, the gift recipient will love your gift.

They will not blame you when they do not practice any magic tricks out 30 days after receiving the gift. They also won’t blame you when they lose most of the magic props in the Magic Set.

All they remember about you is the happy feeling when they receive the gift. So feel free to give the Magic Set to those who love magic.

In fact, it’s no coincidence that the Magic Set sells very well in magic stores.

New Magic Set With 20 Magic Props Inside

And if you finally decide to buy a Magic Set, I would like to recommend you a great Magic Set I know.

At least, it looks very nice, suitable as a gift. Also, the quality of the magic props is also very good.

Here is a list of 20 magic props included in this Magic Set:

Three Cups And Ball, Thumbtip, Vanish Coin, Svengali Deck, Sponge Heart, Ninja Ring, Ring And Chain, Coin Racket, Cup And Ball, Coin Thru Shell, Number Guess Card, Disappearing Coin , Two Magic Circles, Three Ropes, Two Magic Kittens, Matchstick Float, Magic Coloring Book, Ball Thru Box, Exploding Dice, Magic Wand.

20 Magic Props But Over 200 Magic Tricks

With a magic props, you can do many different magic tricks. That’s why with this Magic Set, you can do more than 200 magic tricks.

Of course, you must be able to create and practice in order to unleash the full power of this Magic Set.

And believe me, the biggest advantage of the Magic Set is its biggest drawback. That is it has so much to learn and practice.

And when you want to learn everything, you won’t learn anything.

Why You Should Buy This New Magic Set?

I do not advise anyone who is serious about magic to buy this Magic Set for individuals. Magic Set was created to be a gift, that is its mission.

This Magic Set is thoroughly invested in design. It has an eye-catching and luxurious appearance, very suitable as a gift.

In addition, the props on the inside are also produced with better quality than most of the Magic Set on the market. That’s why this Magic Set has become a hot seller in magic stores.

Here are some of my personal views on the Magic Set. Depending on the needs of each person, the value of a Magic Set gives buyers is completely different.

Please consult and make your final decision before deciding to buy a Magic Set.

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