How to do card tricks easy for everyone

One of the most impressive magic shows is card magic.

Card magic is extremely rich and diverse, with only a 52-card deck that the magician can transform into dozens of extremely attractive and attractive items.

Here I will guide you to do magic with extremely good cards and phones.

Scorpio pulls the card as desired

Be careful shuffling cards professionally to make your magic trick more attractive.

With the mobile app installed, the effects are unique to capturing the palm of the hand into a photo.

How to learn magic: 20 Magic Tricks Tutorial

After that, the App phone will show up a scorpion shaking left and then right.

And it will pull out the card like the one you laid out from the beginning.

That card will be placed face up in the deck to make it easy to find.

Phone controls the card on the table

Still with the mobile App shown in the video above, you select a card in advance and show the card to the audience.

This App will turn the card on the screen into another card.

With an authoring move, you will take the Aces card as the App has predetermined without showing it to the audience.

Note that when you take out the card you absolutely do not show the audience what that card is.

How to learn sleight of hand with cards

App prophecy cards

The deck of cards is stir-fried very carefully and spread on the table surface to let the audience see that the deck is completely normal.

Then, you use the App of your phone introduced and put the camera in the deck.

Several effects will happen on the phone screen and you pick any card.

Use the camera to turn to the fold screen you want to appear and go back to the deck.

In the phone screen, a picture of the card you want will be red as the color of blood to create the mystery of the magic trick.

The latent card matches the selected card

You will select any card and open the App introduced in the previous video up.

Then, you turn on the App and shoot the camera on the card you want to appear on the screen.

By gently controlling the phone, the audience will see the card on the phone screen.

Note that you must not let your audience see the process of using the App to do magic tricks to avoid the audience being surprised by the magic trick.

Appvprophesy the card that will appear

First, pick your cards at random and then put the deck in the box.

Still using the mobile App that was introduced, you prophesy the card displayed on the screen by pointing it to the audience.

The paper placed on the table was meant to allow the audience to easily visualize the prophetic card.

The magic tricks I have guided are simple and free of charge, but surprised viewers.

Please quickly download the App above to perform this mysterious magic trick.

Wish you all success with the show!

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