5 Easy Magic Tricks For Little Kids

Magic is an art that helps children practice speaking in public and communicating. With just a small amount of money, you can buy for your baby lots of simple magic props that they can do easily with just a little practice.

Here we present to you a list of 5 easy magic tricks that your baby can do at home

Ball Thru Box Magic Tricks

This is a magic trick that makes the audience not believe thier eyes, the magician shows the audience a transparent plastic box and a red ball.

The magician uses elastic to tie the box and lid together, then cover the box with a handkerchief, finally grab the box and hit the ball.

The miracle is that when the handkerchief is removed, the ball will be inside the box.

Empty Magic Pot to Flower Magic Tricks

A pot has nothing inside. The magician will use the “multipurpose” magic wand to transform into a beautiful flower.

For added effect, the magician can combine the effect of “snow paper” and create a “snow effect” while performing.

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Money Printer Magic

Money is what everyone loves, so magic with money will definitely be a topic that makes people interested.

A magician can turn a blank sheet of paper into a money bill, or turn a small small amout money bill into a big amount money bill.

All the secrets are simply in the simple magic money printer.

Small Dice and Big Dice Magic Trick

What would a big dice be, if broken? Become the pieces of the dice? But that is just ordinary dice, for magic dice, one big dice will break into lots of small dice.

The magician shows the audience a small box with a big dice inside. After that, the magician shook the box, the dice suddenly broke into many small dice.

Magic With Cup And Ball

A pretty nice blue cup, and a red ball on the inside. The magician slowly took the ball out of the cup, slowly closing the lid.

Next, the magician slowly takes the ball into a mysterious place. Finally, with just one magic move, the ball miraculously reappeared inside the cup somehow.

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These 5 magic tricks are simple but very interesting. With just a few minutes of practice, your baby can do it easily.

These magic tricks can surprise your child’s friends, make them easier to make friends and improve their communication skills, making them more confident in school.

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