Top 6 Magic Cards Tricks With Four Aces You Can Do

The Aces card looks quite simple but gives a strange charm to magic viewers.

It is this attraction that will help your magic show succeed.

Magic Card Trick: Classic Card Tricks But Very Easy and Visual

Four Ace cards are reached in first place from the start.

However, in the last Ace card, its bottom will contain less than four cards.

You will then draw the first four cards from the deck to the center of the deck.

After that, when put down the table the first four cards still have the Ace cards.

Magic Card Trick: Four Jack cards and four Ace cards

Glue a Jack card and an Ace card with their backs facing each other.

Then, you proceed to spread four Jack cards out in front of the audience.

Three of the Ace cards are placed with the Ace card glued to the Jack card.

Bring the Jack cards to the edge of the table and you will push the three Jack cards to the ground.

Finally, rotate the back of the card stuck with the three Ace cards behind you.

Magic Card Trick: Deal Many Cards You See

Shuffling and dividing the cards into four blocks is essential for this magic trick.

A Six of Heart card has a different surface than other cards to mark the positions of the Ace cards.

Then, you take each block of cards dealt in front of four cards and then divide it by the other three blocks in turn.

You keep dealing with the number shown on the card placed in front.

Viewers will later see the top four Ace cards.

Magic Card Trick: Super Visual Card Trick Four Jacks Change to Four Aces

Reveal four Ace cards before performing for the audience.

Tape each Jack card to the center of each Jack card, then place the Ace card on the Jack card to fix them.

Take each Ace card to place first on the deck.

When you take out the card you just put in, gently remove the Jack card is stuck.

In the end, the audience saw only four Jack cards.

Magic Card Trick: Instant Turn Normal Card To Four Aces

Randomly take four cards from the board to the table, then turn them over with four Ace cards at last.

It’s hard to believe that miracles happen, right?

In fact, you would place one card face down to cover the four Ace cards from second place onwards.

Still use your fingers to mark the positions of the previous four Ace cards.

Gently cover up your cards with your cards and push the four Ace cards behind any cards.

After turning the face down cards, the four Ace cards went up to the first place of the deck.

Magic Card Trick: Why The Cards Just Appear Between Two Kings

Use your finger to mark the positions of the Ace cards.

This will make it easier to insert the card between the two King cards.

The move of bringing two King cards together and one card placed after the second King card is also brought along.

Therefore, the audience will see a card that continuously appears between the two King cards.

Switching between the cards will dazzle the audience, but they will be extremely excited.

To do these quick actions, you need to practice every day to get the best results.

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