Top 6 Magic Tricks With Money Bill That Very Easy To Do

One the definite thing is that all of us love money very much in every way.

If there are money magic tricks that will attract more the viewers.

The following magic tricks I introduce will be very attractive because the way of performing is related to the money bill.

Magic trick: Money production machine

At the first time, you will take the Five hundred thousand Vietnamese bills to put into a machine on the table.

Grab onto the side spinner of the machine and spin a few times around the money bill.

This machine has actually two compartments which contains two money bill in each compartment.

As soon as the original bill is wrapped, the money placed in front is ejected.

Magic trick: Make the money bill double

At the beginning, let’s put a scissor, a dollar bill and a stick on the table.

Then, you use scissors to cut the dollar bill into the pieces in front of the audience.

The dollar bill were not broken, but turned into two dollar bills like that.

Finally, you stick two notes together and cut the dollar bill in half and the audience would see the notes together.

Magic trick: Pen pierces the money bill without tearing

It was a pity to hear that the sight of the dollar bill was pierced, right?

Luckily, since this is just a magic trick, we are going to use the magic prop, which is a detachable pen.

The pen can be split into two parts and sandwiched in the center of the dollar bill.

This makes the audience mistakenly believe that the dollar bill has been pierced.

Magic trick: Stab the dollar bill still intact

Prepare the knife is so sharp to pierce the paper into a line.

You’re not going to cut a dollar bill, but only create a feeling for an author.

Make sure the dollar bill is intact when you do this.

The audience seemed to escape the heart and regretted seeing the dollar bill being pierced like that.

Magic trick: Cards turn into dollar bills

The title makes us greedy, if the article can turn into money bills, many rich people will not be, right?

This is just a magic trick so I’ll show you this tip.

The cards and banknotes will be placed on top of each other first.

After a swing of your hand, you can deftly throw the cards to the ground or swap the cards behind the money.

Magic trick: The bill was pierced by the pencil without tearing

A bill, a pencil and a blank piece of paper is the main props for you.

Put the paper and the bill together in order to the pencil is easy to pierce through them.

Then, you use a sharp pencil to stab between the note and the folded white paper.

The note is folded into a small piece so that the pencil can be stabbed into the white paper through the fold.

The money in the magic trick that the money earned from the magic trick will be a great motivation for you.

However, let’s do magic because of passion and for bringing joy to everyone.

Practice your hand skillfully so that viewers will unexpetect with your trick.

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