Top 8 Fire Magic Tricks That Will Impress The Audience

Fire magic is an easier way to get your audience’s attention than any other kind of magic.

In magic, fire can bring many things, fear, surprise, warmth … and magic with fire is a great choice to impress anyone.

Here are 8 magic tricks with fire that you can perform to impress everyone.

Book To Dove Fire Magic Tricks

The magician walked on the stage, he opened the book and began to read, suddenly the book caught fire, the magician quickly closed the book, when the magician opened the book again, one doves fly out from inside.

That’s the effect of this magic trick with fire, a wonderful combination of books, fire and doves. This is an improvement of the traditional magic tricks Book To Doves.

Fire Wallet Magic Accessory

This is one of my favorite accessories, as well as many other magicians. This is a wallet containing “magic”, the Indispensable accessories of many magicians.

This wallet can hold money, business cards like any other wallet, and it can also create a fire to surprise people.

This is a great option to introduce you as a magician before you start performing.

Automatic Palm Fire Magic Props

The magician’s hand burns into a fire, the flame passes from hand to hand, the fire turns into a towel, sticks, and flowers.

This magic trick is really impressive, the audience only sees the fire without seeing the magic props hidden behind it.

You can combine this magic with many other magic tricks to create a more impressive and beautiful performance.

Fire Magic Tricks With Candle Flame

This is a variant of Thumbtip, a very familiar props of every magician.

You can move … the flame from one candle to the other. Or you can “temporarily” borrow the flame from the candle and then return it.

Don’t try to do this magic trick if you don’t have the magic props to support it, it will hurt you.

Fire To Flower Magic Tricks

A pan caught on fire and turned out the flower or a dove, this is an effect of this magic trick.

In addition, this magic props are suitable for turn out food or drink.

If you do perform magic at parties, turning out a plate of cake to give to the audience is an idea you should try.

Fire to Rose Romantic Magic Tricks

This is a pretty romantic magic trick, the magician can turn out the flower from the fire and give it to the audience.

This magic prop is selling well in magic shops, simply because it becomes another interesting and romantic way of confession.

Impressive, easy to implement, cheap are the great advantages of this magic of rose fire.

Fire Gloves Beautiful Magic With Fire

With this gloves, you can play with the fire in the palm of your hand. You can move the flame from one hand to the other, combining with various magic props.

This magic trick requires creativity in the movement when performing, it brings a beautiful effect and sometimes is astonishing for the audiences.

Fire Top Hat Impressive Magic With Fire

The hat is one of the familiar symbols of the magician. There aren’t too many magic tricks that can be done with a normal hat.

But with this magical fire hat, you can create a rain of snow, then a fire and finally a dove flying out from that fire.

Fire magic is impressive, however, be very careful when performing with fire. Because except for the impression, it also contains danger.

But do not worry, the magic props with fire on are very safe if you follow the instructions.

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