Top 5 Expensive Professional Magic Tricks For Sale To The Masses

The magic props that anyone can buy at the magic shop are usually amateur or semi-specialized magic props.

Professional magic props are often difficult to obtain without the introduction of professional magicians.

Not because of a career secret, simply because the equipment is expensive, cannot be mass produced, and its purpose is to perform on the big stage.

However, there are also some professional magic tricks sold at magic shops, as long as you have money, you can buy it.

Everything to 4 Dove Cages Magic Tricks

The magician shows the audience an empty box, then he puts in a random item.

The object disappeared, transformed into … 4 pigeon cages. Well, you don’t see wrong, a box transformed into 4 pigeon cages have same size as that box.

Surely many audiences will have to wonder why that could have happened.

Tora Magic Wine List Professional Magic

Wine is one of the most popular alcohol in the world, even people publish many books to teach how to distinguish and enjoy wine.

And with such a book in hand, the magician flips through the pages one by one, the audience sees many pictures of wine on paper, then the magician takes out the bottles of wine from the book.

And of course, the books are just pictures, but the bottles the magicians take out are the real bottles.

Wonderful Hat Deluxe Professional Magic Tricks

The hat is one of the symbols of the magician and you certainly cannot expect that a hat can do more than your imagination.

The hat can fire a stick, it can also fire a snowstorm, spark fire to burn paper, turn out a pigeon, automatically make the scarf fly towards it … and many functions other.

With so many magic functions, this hat is a magic item not to be missed in your collection.

Tora Coin Bucket 3 Times Magic Props

Money has always been the pursuit of so many people in life, and with this magic bucket, you can turn out a lot of money and gold.

What is more wonderful than having lots of money without work, although it is impossible, but a little dreaming does not matter, is it?

This magic trick will surely surprise the audience and pay attention to your performance, because basically, everyone cares about money.

Tora Wonderful Box Fire Sword And Dove Box

A cage, with fire and swords, sounds familiar, is it just missing a beautiful actress.

This is a simulation trick, the mini version, and our beautiful actress will be replaced by a lovely dove.

The magician will turn the bird out of the fire, use the sword to stab the box and disappear the bird mysteriously.

Although it is sold quite extensively in online magic stores, but perhaps, except for professional magicians, very few people will be interested in these magic props.

Simply because these tricks are expensive and do not serve the needs of simple performances of a normal person. You can’t bring a birdcage to a dining table to perform magic, right?

However, these are excellent and professional magic tricks for stage magicians.

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