13 Sleight of Hand With Card Every Magician Should Learn

If you newly do magic tricks, the magic with cards will be a very attractive game for you to explore.

A very impressive and unbelievable card magic show, when you can literally make the audience “not understand what is happening” in its literal sense.

Topic about: Sleight of Hand
Level of difficult: Normal
Appropriate age: Form 12 Year Olds
Price: Free
Suitable for: Need Sometime To Pratice

Magic card trick: Classic Pass

The audience will be able to see the full song before you perform.

The card is then shuffled but can still jump to first place in ascending order.

Actually, the key to this magic trick is the way you shuffle the cards skillfully.

You hold the cards in your hand with flexible fingers pushing the cards without the audience’s knowledge.

Magic card trick: Bottom Deal

Four Aces cards will be placed at the beginning of the deck from the start and they will be placed face-up.

You just divide the other normal cards down the board into blocks.

When dealing with a block with an Ace card, you will use your finger like the top card, but you are actually taking the Ace at the bottom of the deck.

Do the same until you have dealt all four Ace cards.

Magic card trick: Strike Second Deal

The following decks that I introduce to you are quite special because they have different colors and text on the surface.

It is still to put four Ace cards on top of the deck.

Then, you perform the move of dividing the cards after the Ace cards.

You will mainly use two thumbs and middle fingers to divide them.

Note that the hand has to be large enough to cover where you are playing the card.

Magic card trick: Push Thru False Shuffle

Shuffling the cards professionally will make the audience admire your talent even more.

So please shuffle the deck skillfully before performing!

First of all, divide the cards into two blocks and mix them together, but be careful not to lose the Ace’s position.

You mark the Ace cards by not placing them close to the other cards and skewed to the side.

Although the audienceseeing you shuffled a lot, will be even more surprised to see that the order of the cards cannot be turned upside down.

Magic card trick: Zarrow Shuffle

From the start, you professionally shuffle several steps.

Then you spread the cards in a long line on the table in front of the audiences.

It’s amazing how the cards are arranged in paragraphs.

When shuffling the cards, you need to pay attention to arrange them in paragraphs so that the cards of the same color will not be disturbed.

Magic card trick: Hindu False Shuffle

This magic trick will be performed with a set of four cards Ace and King cards.

First, you perform the move to bring the four King cards to the bottom of the deck.

Next, shuffle the cards above repeatedly.

Meanwhile, you will use your finger to mark the positions of the King cards.

At the end of the performance, you will bring them back to the first position of the deck.

Magic card trick: Overhand False Shuffle

Magic card trick: Top Card Cover Pass

First, you spread the cards to the audience to see and observe closely.

It is strange that the cards are drawn in a random four to seven order.

Actually, the post was carefully arranged from the beginning without the audience knowing.

Most importantly, you need to know how to handle the cards to get the folded cards.

Magic card trick: Key Card

The main props for this magic show are a pen and a bright red deck of cards.

Remember the bottom card, in this case it is Five of Hearts.

You will mark a card with the characters X and you will easy to find that X card.

Then, you should place the X card on the top of the deck and cut the deck.

In conclusion, the bottom card will be next to the X card.

Magic card trick: Pinky Count

Your little finger is used to keep the top card separate from the cards below.

Ace cards and another card will be placed side by side on top of the deck.

This will cause the audience of the two cards to transform.

Magic card trick: Double Under Cut

Place the Ace card at the top of the deck from the very beginning of the magic trick.

You then divide the card into two blocks and place the block with the Ace card down.

Use your fingers to mark the initial shuffle to find the Ace card again.

Viewers will surely wonder why the Ace can still return to the top.

Magic card trick: Stuart Gordon Double Lift

The Ace card will continue to impress the audience in this game.

You need to prepare a black Ace and any red card.

Place them side by side and at the top of the deck.

You will stack two cards on top of each other and the audience will only see the Ace card in first place while you have placed it in second position.

Finally, you put the first card in the middle of the deck and still turn the card on the same Ace card for the audience to see.

Magic card trick: Paint Brush Change

First, you show the audience the cards at the top of the deck.

Then, you mark the first card but don’t let the audience see it.

The card below is miraculously jumped to first place.

Likewise with more cards, the positions of the cards are changed unexpectedly.

With simple magic tricks with the decks that we have just provided, hopefully you can have fun on your magic path.

Only with the skillful movements of the magician’s hands, we can have very interesting magic tricks.

I wish you success with magic with all performances.

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