Top 6 Magic Tricks With Pen And Pencil To Make Your Friends Supprise

One of the the most interesting tricks you should know if you are learning magic trick is magic tricks with pend and pencils.

This article I will guide you in detail for each game to perform with the very simple props.

Magic trick: From a pen into a necklace

A piece of hard paper is rolled into a long bar from the beginning.

This long bar will contain the necklace inside when you pull two its sides out.

You use two hands to pull strongly at both ends to release the necklace.

Finally, pretend to wear the necklace around your neck like a jewel.

Magic trick: The pencil disappears the coin

Type a coin a few times before you disappear the coin in front of the audiences.

Do you know why the coin can suddenly disappear?

That is because a pencil hits a coin, we have a slight flick of the hand to make the coin fly and grab the coin with a pencil.

Surely, everybody around you will think that the coin disappears thanks to the magic pencil.

Magic trick: Book of prophecy

Three pictures of those objects in the notebook are respectively pen, phone and a car key.

The audience will select any object on the table.

You have to remember exactly the position of the object which the audience chooses

If you remember wrongly the place where the object is put in the notebook, this trick will fail immediately.

Magic trick: One pencil turns into two pens

Hold the black pen and write on the paper normally for the audience to see that the pen is nothing strange.

Then, you put the black pen in a small round box.

You only put a smaller red pen into that box, not a clone pen.

All you have to do is insert the black pen and swing it so that the small pen is thrown out to complete the magic trick.

Magic trick: The card is pierced by a pencil

We only need to some simple props as a pen and a card for this magic trick.

Next, you will use a sharp object to pierce this card, but for this game we only need a pencil.

This is the reason why you need to prepare for a card that has a hole in it, but can pop it out.

However, we use the pencil to pierce the blue side of the card to make it difficult for the audience to detect.

Magic trick: The dollar bill self-heals the tear

One the lucky thing the dollar bill is just used in this magic trick, so it won’t really tear.

The pen can be split into two parts and sandwiched in the center of the dollar bill.

This makes the audience mistakenly believe that the dollar bill has been pierced.

These simple magic tricks are hopeful to help you learning more and more new things day by day.

As well as anything, we have to be patient and create passion for ourselves.

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