6 Funny Magic Tricks But Can Surprise Your Friends

There are many things that can surprise others without much cost.

The simplest is magic with simple cards and props.

Let’s follow the magic tricks I will introduce below.

Magic Card Trick: Jack of Diamonds Just Automation Turn Over

Jack of Diamond Card is the main card for this magic game.

First of all, use double-sided tape to stick on the back of the card.

And that card will also mark the last card chosen.

For sure, the audience will still be bewildered after you perform.

Magic Card Trick: A Card Balance on Your Finger

Prepare a Jack card, a pair of scissors and a scroll from scratch.

You should apply a piece of double-sided tape to the side of your index finger.

The glue place will place the card up there.

Note that for the magic trick to be successful, you must not let the audience touch the card.

Magic Card Trick: Empty Cards Box Turn into Full Box Playing Cards

Your hand will hold onto an empty box and open the box for the audience to preview.

The bottom of the box contains a portion of the deck that will be covered by your hand.

Then, your hand quickly pushes the card in the back.

But at that moment remember to close the cover of the front card box.

Magic Card Trick: Coin Thru Normal Card Box

You will prepare a pack of cards and a coin to perform this magic trick.

Tap a few times into the card box to show your audience that you are trying to insert a coin into the card box.

Do those moves quickly to pass the coin to the hand located below the card box.

You will then insert the coin into the box in front.

Magic Trick: Card Change in Front of Your Eyes

Plus you will prepare three cards, two Jack cards and any one card.

Use scissors to cut one Jack card in half and stick to any other half.

You should hold the card behind to reveal a quarter of the card to not be revealed.

Initially, the audience will see a Jack card and any card.

After you shake your hand to switch sides, they will see only two Jack cards.

Magic Card Trick: A Coin Just Appears Between Two Playing Cards

The preparation of Jack cards and a coin in advance is essential.

You will hold two cards Jack back and forth in front of the audience so that they do not see anything unusual.

The hand with the hand will hold the coin and gently move it between the two cards.

Finally, remove the coins from the two cards.

What interesting thing did you learn from the above magic tricks? A lot, right?

With just the simple movements, there was a magic show that surprised everyone.

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