Top 5 Exciting Magic Tricks With Handkerchief

Towels are a very familiar tool in everyday life and in parties.

Therefore, the idea of using a towel to perform magic will be very close to the audience but no less interesting.

Colored scarves will appear in the magic tricks I introduce below.

Magic trick: Transparent box turn out the handkerchief

The most important move to do is put the mirror in the box and put the red towel in the box.

Then, you shake the box a few times and rotate the box with the red towel up front.

Just a single rotation can complete this magic trick.

It’s an easy trick, right!

Magic trick: Two-compartment bag

At first glance, people will think that this bag has a compartment like another storage bag.

The bag has a construction with a separate egg compartment and an empty compartment for spectators.

Take the eggs one out of the first compartment and reopen the empty compartment for the audience to see.

Repeat this process until you have removed all of it from the bag

Magic trick: The can disappears with the scarf

Firstly, you put the can in the box. Then wrap it up with a red scarf and the can instantly disappeared.

The can is actually empty and has a removable lid.

The move of pulling the scarf out took away the lid, making the audience feel the can disappeared.

Magic trick: Iron box turns red scarf in plastic bottle

A large iron box, a water bottle and a red scarf will be the main props in this magic show.

The red scarf will be placed in the iron box and kept in the tape.

Furthermore, the plastic bottle cap will be hollowed out so that the towel easily fits into the plastic bottle.

You just need to move the plastic bottle into the iron box to complete the magic.

Magic trick: Fake fingers

Firstly , you take the yellow scarf and hide it in your hand.

Some magic moves is the necessity to cover the audience’s eyes and pull the scarf out.

The red scarf turns yellow in a few seconds will make everyone wow.

Actually, you use your fake finger to hide the red scarf in it.

As soon as you watch the video, you will find it simple to perform these magic tricks, right?

However, you need to practice carefully to deceive the audience.

Wish you all success performing these magic tricks!

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