Top 5 Easy Magic Tricks For All Ages

It can be said that magic is an art form that displays strange phenomena, created by special techniques or tools, surprising and amusing to everyone.

You want to conquer them … But you’re worried because you don’t know which trick, which trick?

Rest assured, here are the Top 5 Easy Magic Tricks For All Ages. Make sure you can easily do it, make the audience excited and surprised.

Floating Charlie Head: Funny Magic Tricks

Charlie Chaplin is one of the most famous comedians of all time, who is known for his humor.

The picture with his drawing, he can perform an interesting magic show, he can control the head flying.

This is a fun, compact, convenient magic trick, you can carry it anytime in your pocket.

Easy Magic Tricks: Disney Magic Book

Coloring book is a magic utility product, easy to practice but highly effective.

Although it is a simple magic trick, it is no less attractive.

A white book … can turn out cute cartoon characters. Then bring on the eye-catching clothes with colorful colors.

Best Zigzag Card: Unique Magic Tricks

Card cutting frame is an extremely unique product. Impress the looker with the first eye.

A card is placed in the frame with 3 missing sections to reveal the front of the card. The card is then cut into 3 parts in 3 parts of the frame and the magician can pull them apart.

And most especially, even if the card has been cut into 3 parts. The card is still completely normal.

Zig Zag Mummy Box: Easy Magic Tricks

This is one of the simple magic props, but gives the viewer a lot of surprises.

You can take any cigarette in the box, cut the cigarette in three pieces, and then turn it back to its original shape.

The compact box, you can easily put it in your pocket, take it anywhere.

Listen To The Wind Dice: Guess Audience Thinking

Listening, thinking okay. Definitely a very interesting repertoire.

Hear the sound and guess the dice? It seems this is just the ability of the movie characters. But with magic, you can do the same.

The SECRET of this magic trick is undetectable even if the audience checks it out.

Surely this will be a magic trick that anyone can do.

Indispensable interesting things of all ages. A land to explore, of wonders and mysteries.

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