Top 10 Card Tricks Tutorial That You Can Do And Fool Everyone

Card magic is the biggest genre in magic. It can be said that card magic consists of more than 50% of magic.

With only 52 cards, we have an infinite number of card magic tricks created. Today, I will show you 10 magic tricks you can do to surprise people.

Floating Deck

The magic trick makes the deck seem to float in the air. Do not use glue, do not use magnets.

Peep Card Version 1

Secretly peeking at the card the audience chose without them even knowing it. A great trick.

Clowns Searching Cards

The black and white clown becomes colorful and finds the audience’s chosen card.

Dream of Aces

A magic trick that David Copperfield once performed and conquered thousands of spectators.

Ten Of Spades Jumbo

The unexpected ending for the audience. From start to finish they don’t understand what’s going on.

Check To Check Deck

A deck of cards is shuffled and chaos together. Magicians just snap his fingers, the card the audience choose will appear.

Peep Card Version 2

Another method to peek at the cards your audience chooses. You should know at least one trick like this.

Hindu Shuffle Stack

This is why people often tell each other that they should not play cards with magicians.

Fast Color Change

As simple as doing it quickly, you will find this trick great.

The Girl And The Donkey

A pretty interesting trick to tease the audience. What they think is not what they see. Strange.

These are not easy card tricks. You need to spend time practicing.

But trust me, when you can do these tricks, you will surprise everyone. So, take a few days to practice.

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