Top 4 Best Cards Tricks With Kicker Ending For You

With just simple cards you can surprise everyone with those magic tricks.

Today I will share with you magic tricks that have surprising results for the audience.

Magic card trick: Predict a card

A card is picked and is placed separately on the table from the start.

Two similar cards will be placed at the bottom of the previous deck.

Then, you drag and drop from a card in the deck to the card lying on the table.

Take turns pulling each card out to show the audience the card completely disappeared.

Finally, you will raise the card face up on the table.

Magic card trick: The card moves itself

Seven Heart Cards will be played in the center of the deck.

Then, you use your hands to cover up the card swapping.

Brings the Seven Hearts to number two after the first face down card.

Use the palm of your hand to inhale the Seven Heart Leaf up to first position.

Move your hands back and forth across the deck and do some magic moves around the deck to inhale the seven card flipped face-up in the middle of the deck.

Magic card trick: Seftworking card

Prepare a Six Heart card with a hand recognizable surface.

Place the Six Heart card before the Jack card and place the cards with a number to easily find the Jack cards right after the Jack card.

Based on the number of cards placed on the table, you will count up to the position to divide the two cards into the other two blocks.

Finally, you divide four Jack cards at the top of each block.

Magic card trick: The black and red line of cards

First you will draw two black cards and two red cards alternately.

Then, you split the black and red cards in the first position of the deck.

You will split the two black and red cards separately from the other cards for easy identification.

Finally, you take the cards from number two onwards and then put the first card together with the red cards.

Viewers only see the results as separate black and red cards.

Every day performing a magic trick with a song that will make the hand more supple and the spirit more cheerful.

Practice regularly to become a professional magician soon!

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