4 Easy and Visual Card Tricks You Can Do

Referring to magic cards, you are certainly no stranger to it.

Card magic has long been associated with magicians around the world and has become an indispensable magic trick in most performances.

Here is your guide to performing simple card magic tricks.

Magic Card Trick: Find Four Queens Easily

First, you place four Queens cards on top of the deck and shuffle them continuously.

However, you guys mark the positions of the Queens cards by inserting a different card.

Just like that you will quickly find the location of the remaining Queens cards easily.

Finally, put the four Queen’s cards in front of the audience to finish the performance.

Magic Card Trick: Visual Hover A Card

First, it is necessary to attach the tape to the ends of the two thumbs.

Then you will control the card with two thumbs.

The fingers remaining in the front of the card will act as if the card is hovering between your hand.

Shake your hand repeatedly without exposing the thumb that is glued to the card behind to end the magic trick.

Magic Card Trick: A Final Card

You pick any card from the deck and show the audience what card it is.

Use a card with a different structure of Six Hearts to mark the position of the selected card.

A continuous move from left hand to right hand will then drop all the way down the table to bring the last card up for the audience to see.

The card is completely identical to the original card.

Magic Card Trick: A Card Tricks With Four Aces

Place the Ace card at the beginning of the deck and then on the other cards, the remaining three Ace cards remain on the deck.

Divide an Ace and three other cards down the table and use your hands to move the Ace card down.

Take the card from the table to place it in the center of the card and draw the deck down so that the Ace falls on the table.

The third card, although it is an Ace, will be replaced by an Ace at the beginning of the deck.

The Ace card that has just been inserted into the deck will be the last Ace card you show your audience.

The magic tricks I introduced seem complicated, but they are really only small and simple manipulations.

Just watching will find out its tricks.

What you need to do is do these games over and over again to get the best results.

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