4 Cards Tricks That Make Audiences Think You Are A Cards Shark

Before now, you have heard a lot of Shark about business, real estate, stock, …

Today I will introduce you to the concept of a cards shark.

Here are some magic tricks that will make the audience think you are a cards shark.

Magic card trick:Four Queen cards converge

Put four Queen cards on top, but these four cards are separated by three other cards.

When shuffling, pay attention to taking four Queen cards in the same place.

Although the continuous disturbance can deceive the audience’s senses, it is really difficult to do for beginners.

The Queen card is marked first so it will be easy to split it into two decks.

Finally, split the cards into four blocks and have a block of four Queen cards.

Magic card trick: Divide four Queen cards into the same block

Still place the four Queen cards at the beginning of the deck and use your finger to mark the positions of the same Queen cards when shuffled.

Then, when dealing cards on the table, you will raise your hand up compared to normal.

You will easily conceal the move of taking the Queen card up from the bottom of the deck and dividing it down the table.

Magic card trick: Divide alternating Ace cards

Before performing, professional dealing will make your magic show more attractive.

Six Hearts cards have a different surface than other cards to mark the positions of the Aces cards.

Four Ace cards will be stacked alternately with another card.

That is why when dividing the card into four blocks, the four ace cards return to the same block.

Magic card trick: Stacking four queens

Four Queen cards are distributed throughout the deck and separated by three other cards.

After that, you will constantly shuffle the cards to deceive your audience.

Just like that, after dividing the three cards by the first three blocks in turn, you will be dealt four Queen cards on the same last block.

With only a few short minutes of video, there was a magic show that surprised the audience.

If you love to surprise others then these magic tricks are for you.

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