How to Do the 1089 Number Magic Trick

A trick you probably never knew. What is the mysterious truth behind the number 1089? Wow, that sounds interesting, doesn’t it? This is a fun math magic trick. So how to perform this magic trick number 1089?

Let’s see the article below to catch this trick.

Why do so many people hate math and numbers?

There are a lot of people who hate math. They assume that working with hard numbers will bore them. That will be true for many people. However, what if you found a reason to like math and numbers?

They have never felt the enjoyment of numbers because they have not been exposed to the mystery. To make them more interesting, many people have researched an extremely interesting math fact.

The surprising element from math that you may not know

What do you think if when you write a three-digit number the digits decrease? Then reverse the digits to create a new number and subtract this from the original number. With the resulting number, add it to its inverse. The number you will get is 1089?

Sounds like a lot of trouble. But actually, the results through many times of testing different numbers are correct. You can try this fun math with your friends around.

And to make it easier for you to understand, we will give you examples to make it easier for you to visualize and apply this trick.

What is this 1089 magic trick?

The math behind the truth do you know?

If we let a, b, c be the three digits of the original number, then the three-digit number is 100a + 10b + c. The opposite is 100c + 10b + a. Subtract: (100a + 10b + c) – (100c + 10b + a) to get 99 (ac).

Since the digits are descending, (ac) is at least 2 and not greater than 9, so the result should be one of 198, 297, 396, 495, 594, 693, 792, or 891. When you add anyone where the number is the opposite of itself, you get 1089!

Understand and apply the 1089 trick in a simple way

If you start with 532 (three digits, descending order), the reverse is 235. Subtract 532-235 to get 297. Now add 297 and reverse it to 792, and you’ll get 1089!

The same applies to the other case: take any 3 digit number where the first and last digit differ by 2 or more. Reverse the number, and subtract the smaller of the two from the larger number (for example, 782-287 = 495). Then invert the result and add (hence 495 + 594 = 1089).

And of course, even if you apply any of these 3 numbers according to the rules above, our final result is still this number 1089. It’s interesting, isn’t it?

Thus, the above article is what we share with you about this magic trick. Hope you will grasp this rule and quiz your friends and relatives. Good luck!

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