3 Card Monte Magic Trick ~ An In Depth Tutorial

You’ve probably seen a lot of magic tricks, right? But in the countless magic shows. Surely you’ve seen at least one magic show with cards, right? When someone shows you three cards and tells you that.

Right now we will bring you a magic trick with just three cards.

The special feature of the leaf that you rarely notice

Maybe the card is too familiar to you and feels very ordinary. Nothing special. But in fact, the leaves have a two-sided structure. One side has pictures and numbers, the other side nothing.

Thanks to that special point, magicians perform their tricks with ease. Because when the cards are face down, you will not know the cards. Is it the same as what I first saw?

What factors help the magic show with successful cards?

In your opinion, what factors help the magic show with the cards succeed? I think that’s one of their talents. And the perseverance to practice. Along with constant creativity to bring such performances.

In order to fool the audience, they had to rehearse their performance many times. Each of these needs to be considered a lot to fix the gaps. Of course, each performance has its weak points and loopholes. But it’s very difficult for the audience to notice. But they still want the best performance possible. And always create new ones so that viewers are not bored. Which takes learning from one surprise to another.

What is magic with 3 cards?

As you know in a deck there will be 52 cards. But here the magician only uses 3 out of 52 cards to perform this magic film. Are you thinking what to do with only 3 cards? That’s why it’s called magic with only 3 cards, but it will make you unable to take your eyes off it.

Magic with 3 cards, the first thing people will choose is any 3 cards. And show you what those 3 cards are. And put them in the order you saw them. Then ask you the position of one of the three cards.

If you make the right choice, you’re great. Or they will hold 3 cards in their hand and show you each card in turn. But either way, only 2 cards will appear. And make you curious to know where the third card went. Interesting, isn’t it ?

How to do a magic trick with 3 cards monte

To do this trick, we must first prepare any card. And follow the steps below.

The first step is to learn how to take cards so that only 2 cards appear. That is the technique of spreading cards, we need to stack 3 cards on top of each other and hold them in the palm of the hand. Then flip a card with your thumb and turn it over with your other hand.

Thoroughly follow the steps above until. You push two cards out at once without the viewer noticing. You have successfully taken the first step.

In the second step after you have successfully pushed 2 cards out at the same time. But the viewer sees only one card. And you use your other hand to flip it up and down successfully. Thus, showing the audience the first card (2 cards) was a complete success.

And when the first card everyone has seen, we just need to gently pull the first card to put it on the last side. Then continue to use the above trick to show everyone the 2nd card (7 cards).

Then continue to put the first card at the end, the card at the end will now be (2 checkers). At this point, he will show the audience the last card to end the magic show. Holding the 3rd card is a mystery.

We learned together about magic tricks with 3 cards. As well as how to do it. Good luck with this scam.

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