5 cards trick with four aces will fool magicians

Magic with cards is no longer strange to many audiences.

Today, whether in large-scale or small-scale performances, card magic still dominates in winning the hearts of magic viewers.

Here is a series of magic tricks with Aces cards that make everyone surprised.

Magic trick: Any four cards turn into four Aces cards

First, use a brush to draw any shape on a card to mark it.

Prepare three cards of the same character as the marked card and four Aces cards.

Your hand pushes slightly to change the position of the top four cards along with the four Aces cards.

Rub the top cards evenly to distract the audience.

In the end, the audience only sees the top four Aces.

Magic trick: Draws four Aces from a jumble of cards

Place the four Aces on the bottom of the deck at the beginning.

Then you act like you are shuffling all the cards in the deck.

In fact, this shuffling movement is completely sequenced.

Divide the card into blocks to shuffle so that the last four Aces make it to the top of the deck.

Magic trick: Spread the cards out Aces cards

The Aces are placed after the first face up card of the deck.

And of course the first face down card is also the Ace cards.

Therefore, performing this magic trick will be easier.

You just need to arrange the cards in the right position and scatter them from above to succeed!

Magic trick: Four dominant Ace cards

Shuffling the cards from the start is very important in making your audience trust your magic trick.

However, the four Aces are placed next to each other even though the cards are shuffled.

You then skillfully draw four Aces, each preceded by an Ace.

The operation is very simple, but because you try to perform with many moves, the audience will think this magic trick is very complicated.

Magic trick: Cards suddenly turn into Aces cards

Prepare the Eight, Nine and Aces cards to perform this magic trick.

Four red Nine cards and four black Eight cards are randomly scattered.

In particular, the Aces cards will be placed between the Eight and Nine cards.

This will prevent the spread from shuffling the Aces card.

Remember that you have to be clever in hiding the Eight and Nine cards so that the audience still thinks that the remaining cards have turned into Aces card.

These magic shows seem complicated, but if you know how to do it, it’s very simple.

As long as you practice regularly, the effectiveness of this magic show will increase!

Good luck!

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