14 Flower Magic Props That Make Any Stage Become Colorful

The magic of turning roses was very familiar to everyone.

Even more brilliant were the performances in which the magician continuously took out many brilliant flowers.

You can give it to children or girls to increase the enjoyment of the viewer.

Flower salute Magic Props

These flowery branches can be used as items such as blooming flowers, their hands not turning into flowers, …

Besides, it also has an extremely interesting function that is able to bow in front of the audience.

These interactive props will make your magic show more dynamic and dynamic.

The product is made from refined feathers, completely handmade.

Cane to flower production

The flower sticks are similar but the flower branches are bundled together in a stick.

It is a magic tool favored by stage magicians.

Although contained in small sticks, the flowers are extremely large.

Each branch consists of 11 flowers, extremely colorful and delicate.

The flowers are soft, have high bloom, can recover when distorted.

Appearing Flower Pot From Silks

White towels turn into dove, you have seen a lot, but colored towels turn colorful flowers are rare to see.

A vase with vibrant colors will surely make the audience extremely excited.

The props of 5 large towels, 1 basket and a special flower pot will be a great gift for the audience on the occasion of the holiday.

In particular, they will make a good impression on the girls on the day of the proposal.

Replication Flower Pots

Duplicating a large vase is very difficult to make, so this prop will definitely startle many spectators.

A magician displays a vase of flowers with a magic wand or can turn out colorful flowers.

The special thing is that after the flowerpot appears, the magician can also split into two separate flower pots.

Each flower is meticulously and subtly perfected.

Flower Basket From Bag

With this prop, a variety of colorful flower vases will be taken from an empty paper bag.

You can do this amazing magic show without any skill.

The performance will be appreciated by the audience as extremely interesting because it gives them a great experience.

If you are a stage magician then this is a really good show for you.

Increase Flower 12cm * 2.5m

The flower chain is an excellent accessory with the ability to fold into an extremely small size.

In particular, these are string patterns that can get loud when you inflate them.

This tool can be placed at the bottom of the bag or paper bag to make the audience think the bag is empty but can turn into long flower chains.

Flower clusters and hand-bangles can also be combined with a pocket to create an impressive and colorful display.

Blooming Flower Bouquet

Self-blooming bouquets are an interesting repertoire of flowers that theater magicians can hardly ignore.

Flowers mysteriously bloom automatically in the magician’s hand.

Even though the flower branches have been cut off, they can still recover.

The repertoire is simple, easy to perform, but the effect is extremely high, impressing the audience strongly.

Fire To Flower (No pan )

An empty pan will ignite itself before everyone’s gazes.

Just cover the pan and it will appear colorful flowers in it.

The pan is chrome coated and the flowers are made of soft feathers.

The flowers can be removed from the pan easily, so you can put pigeons, rabbits and other things in the pan.

Wedding Magic – Slow Flowering Roses

The slowly blooming rose is perfect for men who want to confess their love to their girlfriends.

Everyone stared at the rose together and a miracle would ensue.

The rose slowly opened the petals and contained a ring inside.

With this scenario, the man can take off the ring and put it on the woman.

Tube To Flower Magic Props

This is a pretty simple performance where you don’t need to act too much to perform this magic show.

See the instructions to master this tool.

These sparkling flowers symbolize perfect happiness, flourishing.

Therefore, it will be a great choice for programs with a small audience, attracted by the vibrant, colorful.

Multiplying & Color Changing Flower

Magic bird simple red flower with stems in hand.

The flower is removed by hand, but another red flower appears on the stem.

Pluck this flower from this stem many times but new flowers magically appear

Finally, the magician can pluck a flower and the stem is still empty but this time the red flower turns white.

Flower From Board

The blackboard looks tough and big, but it does something weird.

At first open the panel is empty, but when it opens and closes, there will be very few flowers.

Each time more flowers could appear.

Cane to two flower Magic Props

An ideal opening tip for a magician that will confuse the audience.

A magician enters the stage holding a stick and the stick turns into two colorful flowers.

The silver metal stick and beautiful feathers will make people fall in love.

The set of props comes with detailed instructions for beginners.

Feather Sticks Variation Magic Tricks Fether Flower to Umbrella

Feather stick Variant of flower basket and umbrella.

The Two Feathers are of different color and they can change color consecutively when passing through the magic wand.

At the end of the process, the magician opens the tube to show the audience it’s completely empty.

Finally the chicken feather broom turns into an umbrella.

All year round, only spring with colorful flowers is the dream of many people.

The beautiful and beautiful flowers from your magic show all bring vitality and happiness to everyone.

Such cheap props are amazingly effective, right!

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