4 Simple But Interesting Card Trick That Everyone Can Do

Most people when they hear about magic performances think that it is very difficult to do.

The audience is immersed in the magic tricks of the magician without knowing that they are really simple.

Here are a bunch of cool magic tricks that everyone can do.

Magic Card Trick: The Call Sandwich

Six Hearts cards with a different surface than the rest of the cards will mark the position of the card you need.

This will make it easier for us to insert two King cards and take out more cards.

The action of inserting the King card should be done quickly to avoid revealing the magician’s trick.

Magic Card Trick: The Card Vanish

You will stack two cards on top of each other before performing.

First you show the audience a card and the audience will think it is the first card on the deck.

But actually the card that the audience sees is in the second place in the deck.

Press the card against the palm of your hand and pretend to be crushed.

At that time, you quickly throw the card under the table.

Finally, you show your first card to the audience.

Magic Card Trick: Visual Color Change

This magic trick will be great for those with big hands.

The gesture of using the palm of your hand to sniff the card in will do this magic show.

You will show the audience the cards that are being shown face-up on the previous deck.

Then, use the palm of your hand against it and leave a card on the original face-up card.

Magic Card Trick: Countdown 3 2 and 1

The cards will be stacked and turned face-up.

Your index finger will gently push the front card backwards.

At that time, you move your hand closer to the edge of the table to push the card to the ground.

Just like that until the last card, the audience will not understand why the card disappeared.

Magic tricks can seem complicated, but when you know its trick you will find it extremely simple.

The magician’s hands need daily practice to become skillful.

Good luck for you!

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