6 Card Tricks Easy, Simple, Visual and Funny

There are many ways to have fun and delight, and magic is also one of the simplest way.

Today I will share with you magic tricks that are attractive to everyone.

Magic Card Trick: 4 Queens and 4 Aces Card

Place four red and black Ace cards alternating from the start.

Then, you will shake your hand a few times and four Queen cards will appear.

When you insert Ace cards, you will use your hand to mark its position.

This makes it easy to swap the positions of the four Ace and Queen cards.

Magic card trick: Four random cards change to four King cards

Four King cards are placed at the end of the deck first.

But remember to use your fingers to mark the positions of these Kingcards.

Then, you repeatedly turn up the cards in the middle to show the audience.

The hand placed under the cards will gently move the King cards forward.

Magic Card Trick: Insane Visual Cards Color Change Camera

Bring the Seven Hearts card to the bottom of the deck first.

Then, place the King card inserted in the center of the deck at a certain angle.

The audience definitely sees the King card above, but below it is the Seven Hearts card.

Note that you must let the deck lean inward so that the audience will not detect the position of the other two cards.

Magic Card Trick: Secret Change Location of Two Cards Without Any Move

Jack card and Eight card are placed against each other, one face up and the other face up.

You will turn these two cards over and over again and again, face down the table.

There will be a special card that is glued together with the original two cards.

The performer’s job is to force the card to stick to the hand so that the audience can see the underside of the card.

After opening, the card will turn into another card from the perspective of the audience.

Magic card trick: Turn and Restore Audience’s Card With Signature

The audience will be able to interact directly in this performance.

First, the audience will pick a random card and you will use a pen to mark it.

When you put the marked card in the deck, the audience will think it is at the beginning of the deck.

But in fact, in front of the marked card there is still a card and it is the card that is torn.

You tear the card into pieces and give the audience the pieces in hand.

Magic Card Trick: Ten cards alternate in order

First you show the audience four discrete Ten cards to confirm that they are not inconstant.

The props that make this magic trick a success are the cards that stick the two Ten cards together.

Then, you separate the pasted red card and stick it behind the black card.

Finally, audience will see two red cards and two black cards on the sides, not alternating as originally.

The magic tricks are too simple with just ordinary cards but will provide us with interesting magic tricks.

An interesting thing in your life could be a magic show.

Let’s try it!

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