3 cups and a ball magic trick

Maybe you are no stranger to magic tricks with glasses, right? It’s a miracle that we don’t know. In which cup will the balls or cotton balls appear. 

Today I will reveal about the 3 cup trick and a ball magic trick.

What do you need to prepare before performing magic 3 cups and a magic ball

To perform 3 cups and a ball magic trick. So first you have to have 3 cups right? Next, an indispensable thing for this magic film is 4 balls.

You’re probably wondering why only the cup. And there are 4 balls, right? When you watch the performance, there are only 3 results. And this is the key point of this magic film.

Those are the items that you need to prepare. In addition, you must also have a quick pair of hands. With a spirit that is always ready to surprise people. And believe in what you’re saying.

Instructions for performing magic film with 3 cups and a magic ball (4 balls)

The first thing you need to do is put 3 balls in the first cup. And the 4th ball and into the 2nd cup. You need to stack 3 cups. Remember that the first cup has 3 balls. Then it should be in the first place.

When it’s time to start the show, take out 3 balls. Simultaneously arrange 3 balls in a horizontal row. Then you put the cups behind the balls. And remember to be very careful with the ball in the 2nd cup. If it accidentally falls out, your magic will be revealed.

Take a ball in the middle and place it on the bottom of the middle cup. Then stack the remaining cups on top. And the most gentle up you will see there is a ball below. If you have not read the above, you must have thought before.

Is the bottom of the cup punctured? Then you continue to turn the cups upside down in the original position. Now the cup in the middle has 2 balls. So you continue to put a ball on the cup in the middle. And by doing the same pictures just now, you can easily show other people 2 balls.

But when the fat comes out, change the cup position a bit. The cup in the middle just now, leave it in the first place. And continue to put the remaining ball on the bottom of the cup in the middle. Then turn the last cup upside down then open it.

How to make magic film with 3 cups and a magic ball

From the top, turn the cups upside down behind the balls. Put each ball in the cups in turn, but just pretend. That means you do a fake and make sure all 3 balls are in the middle cup. Remember to put away the 4th ball.

To do that, you pretend to flip the cup and then turn it upside down. Then the ball will be held with your thumb. And destroy the last ball with the same one. At that time, everyone was thinking that when they opened it, it would be 3 balls like just now. Next, open the first cup so everyone thinks the ball has run after the other cup.

When other people are not paying attention, throw it in a place where no one can see it. Then show them the 2 cups on the cover then the middle.

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