11th card – Simple self working card trick

What if in a party, the ball is so quiet and too simple. Have you ever thought that you would do magic for everyone there to see? Or simply, you can make the people around you happy with the simplest techniques. Are you curious? And in this article we will reveal a simple DIY trick. 11th card trick. 

Let’s take a look at this article now.

What is the 11th card trick?

Do not be too surprised or underestimate the tips we share here. It will surprise you. The 11th card trick can be seen as a magic trick to guess the card your opponent chooses at random in a deck.

The special thing is, you don’t know which card this is, but you can still easily indicate it correctly. And make your opponent bewildered, even if they think you have superpowers.

Is it difficult to play this trick?

What do you think if I say easy. Well, it’s not believable. But actually this 11th card trick is extremely simple. You just need to practice a little and pay attention to the rules of the game. I am sure you will succeed.

Thus, we can say that the trick this time is not difficult, on the contrary, it is very simple. Wish you successful application with this simple trick.

What to prepare when applying this 11th card trick?

Of course, you have to hold a deck of cards in your hand. But not an ordinary deck of cards. Choose 21 cards that you like the most, or you can pick them at random for better luck.

Next, memorize and practice the tricks we share below to master and apply them to the fullest.

And finally, an indispensable thing is your players. Be it friends, relatives, family or anyone they find interesting.

How to do 11th card magic – 11th card trick

Take a deck of 21 cards that you have prepared. Tell your player to randomly pick a card then place it anywhere in the deck. Shake the deck evenly before moving on to the next step.

Next, arrange them in a repeating order so that the cards have 3 rows and 7 cards each. Once done, ask your players what row their chosen card was in.

When the player points to a row, put those 7 cards in the middle of the remaining 2 rows. Take all of them in your hand and continue to arrange them in order of repetition up to 3 times. Remember only 3 times.

Finally, you will place all the cards in your hand face down in an arc. And the magic of the 11th card is the card you need to point out. It’s a surprise, isn’t it? Let’s bring that surprise, surprise to your players too.

So the above article has shared with you 11 card tips. Hopefully what we share will help you better understand and be able to successfully do this trick to bring joy to your family and those around you.  Give it a try and share how you feel doing this trick below in the comments.

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